Monday, 31 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 31st August

Day 39

The inevitable has happened and the last day is here. Not going away this summer has made the holiday seem lovely and long. In addition my garden has a lot of attention and I have also been able to sit in the garden and enjoy the blooms. I have had lovely days out with friends and family. I have also finished two crafty projects: Bollywood Top and Wizadora. 

Here is one last look around my garden this summer, it can be compared with Day One.

The Patio

This is largely still a mess due to our building work - however there are some pretty areas.
This green shelving unit will be going into my new craft room soon - but I have enjoyed it here this summer. 

The Cool Bed

This area is where the buddleia was and still needs some attention but in it now are: a hebe, hellebores (from my friend), a hydrangea, heather, penstemons and an aster.

My woodland glade!

The shed with the climbers climbing. 

End of the cool bed. 

Mero Star bursting forth.

Middle of the cool bed.

Not many blooms left now.

This bit still looks flowery. 

The Shady Bed

The shady bed is probably my favourite bit right now. 

The Shady Bed extension - still blooming well. 

The Decking

Very pleased with this - I think the plants have added a superb touch.

I would like to thank for Janet at Yellow Pink and Sparkly for following me right through my marathon of blog posts this summer. 

Hopefully I'll be able to post again before half term and I have enjoyed keeping this diary throughout the summer holiday.

Keep crafting and gardening everyone:) x


  1. Thank you for the mention. I have really enjoyed following your diary. Your garden pictures have been so inspirational. I intend to make plans for a dramatic improvement in my garden for next year following your example.
    We made it to London today, having abandoned the idea of going yesterday when the market was around. It was quite an adventure for us driving into London for the first time but it all went well and we had a good run back to Liverpool this evening.
    Hope all goes well on your return to school this week.

  2. The garden looks great thanks for stopping by my blog
    Clare xx


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