Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Summer 2015 - 4th August

Day 12

Not much happened in the garden yesterday aside from watering, dead heading and waiting for buds to open.

So it was full steam ahead on the Bollywood Top - however I had a bit of  a disaster that turned out for the best!

I ran out of blue 8 rows from the end - largely because I had added in an extra blue panel on the back and front. However I had been of the opinion that the sleeves were too long anyway. So after frogging from the cast off ends and cutting off the cast on ends - 20 mins later I was ready to sew it up.

Now sewn up, I have tried it on, the sizing is good and the sleeve length is just right:)

Onto the ribbing then.............., although I won't get much done today as I'm taking my housebound auntie and uncle for a drive up to Aldeburgh in Suffolk.

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  1. It's great the way something that feels like a problem turns out to make things better.


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