Sunday, 21 February 2016

Creativity at Half Term

Half terms are always busy, catching up on work and housework alike but I do like to try and be a bit creative.

I had in mind to finish a couple of projects but then on Monday I happened to be in Oxford Street and therefore had to pop to the haberdashery in John Lewis! After half an hour of squishing lovely yarn I noticed that there was some gorgeous emerald green Debbie Bliss Angel (lace weight mohair and silk) reduced from £8.95 to £3 per 25g ball. I immediately grabbed three with the intention of making a scarf.

I couldn't start quick enough and I chose Phoebe a lace pattern which was originally created in Kid Silk Haze.

I got as far as making enough for a short cowl 70 cm long (as opposed to the long one in the picture) and decided that was perfect for my needs, so I did a joining ends cast off and had just enough left over for matching gloves.

I used my tried and tested gloves pattern Sirdar 6111, bought in Pollards many years ago and just had enough yarn to complete gloves too. Like the cowl the yarn was used double throughout, 6mm needles for the cowl and 4mm for the gloves (3.25mm for the rib).

I also fancied an electric blue beady mash up. I haven't done a mash up for ages, so I had to look back at a previous one to see how to do it. This post has the instructions on.

I chose some beads that I bought a few years ago.

I previously made the necklace below, which I have worn a lot but has now discoloured and the wire is quite brittle. So I dismantled it.....

Added some extra  silver beads and some shambala beads .....

and half and hour later - voila - a new electric blue mash up.

Well that's it for this half term. Sunday will be spent marking, no more creativity for me!!!

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  1. What a bargain the Debbie Bliss Angel was, and such a beautiful colour.
    I'm very impressed with your jewellery update, recycling at its best.


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