Saturday, 6 February 2016

Project Catch Up

Wow - I can't believe I haven't blogged since September. Life has been busy, what with decorating, courses, work, Christmas and turning 50!

To be honest I haven't had much time to be crafty, but I do have a crafty room now for all of my bits and bobs.

 So here are my finished items from the last few months:

The Hanseatic Hat

Made with yarn bought at the Christmas Market in the Hanseatic port of Bremen, to wear in another Hanseatic port - Bergen.

Here we are on the funicular in Bergen.

The Hot Water Bottle Hat

This was made with yarn I from a hot water bottle cover kit that my son bought me for Christmas.

The Ice Cream  Scarf

A lovely cotton crochet summer scarf.

This scarf was the project I took with me to Bergen - well all that time sitting around on a plane - you've got to do something.

Snowflake Cushion

Made for my backroom from left over yarn and an old blouse. As this is a Christmas decoration it will only be seen in December really!

I have also been working on a cabled jumper - which I might just turn into a tank top as I need a black tank top. I also have a pair of socks nearly finished, another pair of socks barely started and another tank top just begun. Too many wips!

Well it was nice to be back:)

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  1. Good to have you back. Congratulations on turning 50.
    You've certainly been productive over the winter. The hats look lovely and snug and the snowflake cushion has an interesting design.


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