Saturday, 23 September 2017

Crochet Notes - Milky Buttons Bag

Cream Cotton DK
Black DK
3.75mm hook
Black retail bag.

I used the Pinwheel Circle for the front and back - making 18 of them (adding a round of trebles) and Circle into Square for the sides making 12 (also adding a round of trebles) - these were from Crocheted Granny Squares.

I sewed these altogether (doing a round of trebles around the nine pinwheel circles) and made the bag shape.

Then crocheted around the top with two rounds of trebles and a round of double crochets in the contrast colour.

Then I sewed the bag to the crochet, having turned the bag inside out.

Finally an autumnal flower picture to finish.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Crochet Notes - Tiny Tokyo Tote Bag

Yarn: oddments of aran yarn
Hook: 4mm
Bag: canvas tote bag - the type given away free at conferences and open days.

Like most knitters and crocheters I like to take a little project with me on holiday, and this year I decided to take a little tote bag project. I went to Japan and our first hotel was rather on the tiny side in Tokyo, as that was where I started the bag I decided to call it the Tiny Tokyo Tote Bag.

I took this rather interesting square pattern with me from Crochet Now and just made it up I as I went along.

I made 4 of the large squares (2 for each side) and then made another 16 squares (8 for each side) which were just rounds 1 and 2 followed by a round of half trebles.

Once each side was sewed together I did a round of half trebles, then 2 rounds of trebles.
I crocheted the 2 sides together and sewed the little tote bag inside - then all I had to do was block.
The bag does look a little Japanese, so may be I was influenced by my surroundings.

I also recently finished the most comfortable slouchy socks.

I used The March Hare fingering superwash merino and pattern called Andie.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Crochet Notes - Mandala and Bunting

My friend wanted me to help her decorate her new textiles classroom, she asked for crocheted bunting in blues, pinks and purples and a rainbow mandala - I think I've fulfilled the brief. I;m leaving her to string the granny triangles. 

I used double knit oddments.
The granny triangles were from Yuletide and the mandala was Crochet Mandala.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Crochet Notes - Summer Scarves

I have made another of my favourite crocheted summer scarves - All at Sea, this time in fine crochet cotton. Petra 8 - with a 3mm hook, I called it Rosie Wrap.

I also added beading along the side edges and 3 points - as is my way with these scarves. I also added beading to a previous scarf - Ice Cream.

Just to finish here are some garden pics 2017.

A new dahlia for the garden this year.

I haven't seen this dahlia for a few years, I'm glad it's back. 

Monday, 31 July 2017

Crochet Notes - Vera

I was asked by my friend to use up the yarn that her nan (Vera) had been knitting before she passed, to make something for her mum. Quite a responsibility.

So I chose to make her a blanket based on an African Flower design - with 6 petals - I used Jemima Schlee's  Scattered Flower Crochet Rug for inspiration.

I used 6 balls of Hayfield Bonus DK (100g) and I had 2.5 balls of Vera's yarn, Streamers self-painting DK (100g).

I made 67 hexagons and used join as you go - trying to space out the colours. Then I did 2 rounds of trebles, using 1 treble, 2 chain, 1 treble n the points and 2 trebles, 2 chain, 2 trebles on the 4 corners.
I did another 2 rounds in the self-painted yarn, then a round in white.

For the last round I did 7 trebles, missing with 3 or 4 spaces as I went to ensure that the points had the 7 trebles on them.

I think this is a nice little sofa blanket to snuggle up with in the winter evenings - I hope she likes it. 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Crochet Notes - Venetian Glass Afghan

Interior design problem

On our recent trip to Venice we bought a stunning vase that we loved but it didn't really go in any of our rooms. It sat best in the back room but the rest of the room was purple.

Solution - An afghan

So I decided to crochet an afghan to pull the room together and make the colours of the vase tie in with everything else. 

Hook: 3.75m
Clip on stitch markers are useful to group the squares as you go.

Stylecraft Life DK - Oatmeal 400g

Leftover yarn from other projects:
Almost 2 balls of James C. Brett Legacy DK (50gs)left over from Teton Alpine Bag.
1 ball of Sirdar Ella DK (50g)- left over from Wizadora.
1.5 balls of Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK (100g) left over from Sparkly Lantern Top
1 ball of Bubbly Blue (16g) free from a magazine.
3 balls of Stylecraft Cotton Classique DK (100g) Lavender Waves.
1 ball of Bergerde France - Estivale 5 ply (50g) left over from Wizadora and Sparkly Aegean Vest.


True to the pattern I decided to to do:
Round 1 and Round 5 in the same colour.
Round 3 and Round 4 in the same colour.
Round 6 and Round 7 in the same colour.

I also decided that every square would have at least one round of the purple Stylecraft Cotton Classique for two reasons: 1) I had the most of it. 2) I needed it to pull the room together.

As I went along I made sure that I was using up the yarn in proportionate amounts so that I could make as many squares as possible. At the end I had a little purple and sparkly green left.

Here they are laid out read to be squared off and joined. 

This is my way of keeping things in order.

The edging was two rounds of trebles on the long side and double crochet on the short ends.
Then a round of two trebles in one space, miss a space.
Then seven trebles in each space.

And now the room is all pulled together to match the vase. 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Knitting Knotes - Roxy


Back in 2015 I made Eros which was my version of Marie Wallin's Eos. I have worn this jumper a lot, so I decided I would make another version with a different pattern. I decided to use Wendy Supreme Luxury Chunky Cotton again because I like the jewel colours.

This time I chose the lace pattern from Elegant Lacy Vest.

Finished Measurements are:

Length: 67cm
Chest: 116cm
Length to arm: 45cm

Yarn: Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton 11 x 100g = 1100g
Needles: 6mm, 6mm circular, 6.5mm



6mm - Cast on 82 sts, 2x2 rib, 16 rows, increase 1 st each end on last row.

Change to 6.5mm - begin lace pattern which is 12sts over 16 rows.

At row 59 - decrease for armholes.
Cast off 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows.
Dec 1 st each end of next and following 4 alt rows = 70 sts.***

Continue in pattern to row 93. Divide for neck and shape shoulder -22 / 26 / 22.
Row 93 - cast off 6 sts - pattern 16 turn (I put the middle 26 on a holder at this point).
Row 94 - put 2 sts on a pin - complete row.
Row 95 - cast off 7 sts - pattern to end.
Row 96 - put 2 sts on a pin pattern to end.
Cast off.

Rejoin yarn and match the other side.


Same as back to ***

Continue to row 81. Divide for neck - 27 / 16 / 27.
Row 81 - pattern 27 turn. (I put the middle 16 on a holder at this point).
Row 82 - Decrease 1 st at neck edge on next 5 alt rows = row 92.

Row 93 - shape shoulder as for back from ##


Using 6mm - cast on 30sts 2 x 2 8 rows. Increase 5 sts evenly on last row.

Change to 6.5mm
Work in stocking stitch (or pattern if you prefer).
Inc 1 st each end of 3rd row = 37 sts.
Inc 1 st each end of 6th row x 4 = 45sts.
Inc 1 st each ed of 8th row x 4 = 53 sts.
Knit 5 rows (dependeing on arm length you could miss this out).
Cast off 2 sts at the beg of next 2 rows.
Dec 1 st each end of next row.
Dec 1 st each end of alt rows to 43 sts.
Dec 1 st each end of next row = 41 sts.
Cast off.


Using 6mm circular.
Pick up 96sts as follows:
From the front - 19 down each side of neck and 16 from the middle.
From the back - 8 down each side of the neck and 26 from the middle.

2 rows 2x2 rib.
On the next 8 rows decrease 1st each side of the shoulder seam (4sts in total per row).
Rib 1 row.
Cast off loosely in rib.

Sew up.

Elegant Lacy Vest - the pattern used for the lace. 

I have also recently finished these socks.

Love Heart Lines

I used Sirdar Heart and Sole and Ocean Lines pattern by Jane Burns.

As it is Easter Sunday - here are some spring pics from my garden.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Out and About in Venice

Quite simply this is the most beautiful city I have ever been to.

We took a Friday night Ryan Air flight to Venice Trevisio. A bus outside the airport is waiting to take you to Venice, this was 22 Euros return. The bus dropped us off at the water taxi station (vaporetti) and we took a water taxi (I'd bought tickets online previously) to Rialto, we then made our way to our hotel using a map from the water taxi office. Venice is quite small and easy to find your way around. We did jump on and off the water taxis, but only because I'd bought tickets previously, we didn't really need them in all honesty. That said they do take you further afield too, so if I went back I would get them again. 

Gondola Ride

Saturday morning Gondola ride, a lovely gondolier who gave us lots of interesting facts and figures. 

Grand Canal

Little bridges and canals

Bridge of Sighs

St. Mark's Square and Lagoon

Little Squares and Churches


Crochet Notes - Milky Buttons Bag

Cream Cotton DK Black DK 3.75mm hook Black retail bag. I used the Pinwheel Circle for the front and back - making 18 of them (ad...