Sunday, 15 January 2017

Riga Hat Number 2 and a Candle

In Riga I bought two skeins of Sia Lambazu Tine, my first Riga hat only slightly dipped into into the second skein. So I thought I'd do a pared back version for my friend who I travelled with.

This link takes you to the  original Riga Hat.

For Riga Hat Number Two here are the changes.

72 sts X 18 rows 1x1 rib.

Increase to 96 sts.

Start at Row 5.

For crown - from Row E - Knit 2 tog to end.

To make up I folded the rib inwards and sewed it loosely in place.


I do love a candle and so I decided to use up leftover wax and make my own - here was my first attempt. 

Step 1 - melt wax over boiling water.
Step 2 - remove all unwanted bits.
Step 3 - pour wax into jar with new wick in the centre and allow to set. 
I got the wicks very cheaply on the Internet and I have loads of old jars. I can see lots of mileage in this. 

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