Saturday, 6 May 2017

Crochet Notes - Venetian Glass Afghan

Interior design problem

On our recent trip to Venice we bought a stunning vase that we loved but it didn't really go in any of our rooms. It sat best in the back room but the rest of the room was purple.

Solution - An afghan

So I decided to crochet an afghan to pull the room together and make the colours of the vase tie in with everything else. 

Hook: 3.75m
Clip on stitch markers are useful to group the squares as you go.

Stylecraft Life DK - Oatmeal 400g

Leftover yarn from other projects:
Almost 2 balls of James C. Brett Legacy DK (50gs)left over from Teton Alpine Bag.
1 ball of Sirdar Ella DK (50g)- left over from Wizadora.
1.5 balls of Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK (100g) left over from Sparkly Lantern Top
1 ball of Bubbly Blue (16g) free from a magazine.
3 balls of Stylecraft Cotton Classique DK (100g) Lavender Waves.
1 ball of Bergerde France - Estivale 5 ply (50g) left over from Wizadora and Sparkly Aegean Vest.


True to the pattern I decided to to do:
Round 1 and Round 5 in the same colour.
Round 3 and Round 4 in the same colour.
Round 6 and Round 7 in the same colour.

I also decided that every square would have at least one round of the purple Stylecraft Cotton Classique for two reasons: 1) I had the most of it. 2) I needed it to pull the room together.

As I went along I made sure that I was using up the yarn in proportionate amounts so that I could make as many squares as possible. At the end I had a little purple and sparkly green left.

Here they are laid out read to be squared off and joined. 

This is my way of keeping things in order.

The edging was two rounds of trebles on the long side and double crochet on the short ends.
Then a round of two trebles in one space, miss a space.
Then seven trebles in each space.

And now the room is all pulled together to match the vase. 

Crochet Notes - Tudor Rose, Cappuccino Lace and Daisy Loop Bed Topper

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