Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Crochet Notes - Mandala and Bunting

My friend wanted me to help her decorate her new textiles classroom, she asked for crocheted bunting in blues, pinks and purples and a rainbow mandala - I think I've fulfilled the brief. I;m leaving her to string the granny triangles. 

I used double knit oddments.
The granny triangles were from Yuletide and the mandala was Crochet Mandala.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Crochet Notes - Summer Scarves

I have made another of my favourite crocheted summer scarves - All at Sea, this time in fine crochet cotton. Petra 8 - with a 3mm hook, I called it Rosie Wrap.

I also added beading along the side edges and 3 points - as is my way with these scarves. I also added beading to a previous scarf - Ice Cream.

Just to finish here are some garden pics 2017.

A new dahlia for the garden this year.

I haven't seen this dahlia for a few years, I'm glad it's back. 

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