Sunday, 28 January 2018

Knitting Knotes - Winter Jumper 2017

I have long since wanted this jumper Winter in the Appenines and so I decided the time was right.

I adapted it for straight needles as I'm not keen on bodies knitted in the round - although I did do the yoke in the round.

I made the body a bit longer - but otherwise I was true to the pattern. I did a blue 3rd colour not mustard - just suits me better. It fits just right, so really pleased with it.

13 x cream Drops Alaska
4 x dark grey - but only used 3.
Oddment of blue.

Rib = 4mm
Body = 5mm

Measurements - I did the biggest size.

Chest 112 cm
To armholes 39 cm
Full length = 64 cm

Love it

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