Sunday, 15 April 2018

Knitting Knotes - Updated Christmas Jumper 2016

I decided my Christmas Jumper 2016 was due for a makeover.

The original is here.

However, I made it quite big and I have managed to loose some weight, so it needed adapting. Also it didn't really sit right, but my new Winter Jumper 2017 did sit right, so I decided to use that as the basis of the new version.

I frogged it back to the armhole decrease then picked it up and made it the same amount of stitches (with a few decreases here and there). I also shortened the sleeves by 6 rows to match the 2017 jumper.

I did the neck 2x2 rib to match the rest of the jumper and I cast off on row 24.

It now sits much better and I have heaps of yarn left over. 

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